Cultural commitment

Marie believes that the image and style of French goods goes hand in hand with where they are made. She also believes that buyer’s want to purchase items that have meaning or a story behind them. And, when goods are partially fabricated off-shore the unique qualities inherent to the region or country, are lost.  

An advocate for preserving family business and traditional craftsmanship, She supports Development Durable – a French initiative for sustainable production of goods made by families who learned their trades and traditions over generations.

Marie truely believes in the importance of sustaining the trades and the positive impact these traditions have on the social environment as well as the economy.  In recognition for her efforts to preserve a national heritage, she was awarded the Legion of Honor in 2012.

All Color is Hand Mixed

Fascinated by color, Marie creates new colors intuitively. Feeling the color she sees it and then composes it based on her feelings. Hours are spent mixing pigments to achieve just the right hue. Each year at least one new color is introduced. With colors that define her style, even exuberant tones are subtle and natural looking.  As a result food looks great on her settings

A Collection Created by You for You

Always ‘au courant’, Marie’s design aesthetic is appealing to modernist or classical taste.  With 80 collections available in more than 62 colors, there is matchless variety and choice. Customers can participate in the creation of their own service, have fun and enjoy creating their own a custom-designed table setting. What luxury!