Made exclusively of Limoges porcelain, the collections are some of the last to be painted entirely by hand.  Painters are personally trained by Marie in a light and fluid style reminiscent of water color painting. Chosen with particular abilities, a painter must have good interpretive skills as well as painting ability she says. Some have great talent for painting leaves and flowers, while others excel creating figures or patterns.  All are from families in Limoges that have painted for generations using traditional methods of painting developed in the 18th century.

The results are the culmination of a life-time of work by theses painters. Dimension is achieved by the pressure and flourish of the brush strokes. Instead of filling in color to pattern lines – the fluidity and movement of the figures is the result of light, quick brush strokes. The technique does not allow for mistakes and calls for a very precise hand.  "Executing is the scope of a copy artist, she says, but to give life to a bird's feather or volume to a leaf requires real talent."